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About us



Danny Felipe-Morales is the founder of DFM Charities. He currently works at the University of Colorado Denver as a Data Manger for the TEDDY/DAISY Study at the Barbara Davis Center.  This study that Danny is apart of is looking for environmental preventative measures to avoid children from getting Type 1 Diabetes.


The purpose of this non-profit organization is to put together events throughout the year that will open up opportunities for everybody to volunteer to help those in need. These events could vary from feeding the homeless, collecting items, season holiday events, unexpected natural disasters, and many more. This organization also encourages kids to step up to the plate and become involved so that we could build a better community for the future.


Danny Felipe-Morales has always has had the personality and warm heart to help others but it wasn't until a cold December winter night in 2008 when Danny's vision of expansion and helping others in the masses began.  During this night in December Danny was working late off 14th and Larimer (CU Building). While he was walking to his car he saw this elderly man freezing and sitting on a bench by the creek off Larimer and Speer Boulevard.  The elderly man could hardly speak so Danny convinced him to go to the nearest Starbucks coffee shop so he could get him warmed up.  Danny bought the man a cup of coffee and two sandwiches and they began talking. 


Danny was able to convince the elderly man to go to the shelter (Denver Rescue Mission) up a few blocks.  As Danny took him there and walked in he saw the staff going bonkers running around with blankets and warm clothing the location was packed.  Danny asked the staff if he could help as they handed him a pile of blankets and told him to place each of them in the chapel benches because it was going to be a full night and they did not have any more beds.  Danny did so and later asked the managers if they needed any other donations and they said BLANKETS ... BLANKETS! 


Danny went back to his office writing up an email to all his co-workers, family and friends to ask for blankets to collect.  Since that night Danny has held his blanket drive for 6 years strong and also started multiple events to help other causes such as the Earthquake in Chile in 2010, Typhoon in Haiti, Wild Fires in Colorado Springs and Ft. Collins, Feeding the Homeless and others.  Forming this charity will organize efforts of these kinds and hopefully increase volunteers to make a greater impact.


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