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Back to School Backpack with Supplies

Giving Students the Tools they Need to be Successful in the Classroom

It is that time of the year again when students go back to school to learn and obtain the knowledge to one day become leaders in our community. Sadly a lot of families struggle badly financially to get their kids ready for the new school year. From new clothes/uniforms to school fees to school supplies; the struggle is real.


Clyde Miller P-8 has 68% of their students classified as low income. I was able to witness first hand the sad conditions these families live in while delivering food to their houses during Thanksgiving.  All of them have been very grateful for the support we have given. This is your time to help make a difference...I invite you to help these low income families by donating school supplies for the upcoming school year.



The Easy 4 Step Process:

1. Choose either a Family or Child:
Child (1), Small family (2-3), Large Family (4-5)
2. Contact Me:
Let me know you are interested in adopting a child for family and I will send you a list with names and their grade level school supply list. Click here to contact me.
3. Gather/Purchase Items:
I will recommend getting your family/friends/co-workers involved to help purchase or donate items. Utilize Social Media like Facebook and Twitter to help you spread the word.  
Please Note - all items must be new. 
4. Deliver or Schedule Pick-Up for Gifts (By August 5th):
The deadline is a bit tight so make sure you could commit to purchasing before then.  Once all items are collected contact me so I could either give you the address for your family so you could personally deliver these items OR schedule a pickup time for me to meet you so I could deliver them.



In case you don't feel like taking on the responsibility of adopting a child or family the option of a financial contribution is also welcome to purchase items and deliever on your behalf. 



Pick and option:

$45 for One Student:

I was able to do the cost analysis with bargains and identified that from K-5th it averaged out to $45 a student for school supplies and backpack. If you like to adopt a child a good luck note will be placed in the their new backapack on your behalf. 


Any Contribution:

We also accept any contribution you are willing to donate. This includes #2 pencils, markers, glue sticks,  boxes of kleenex, disinfectant wipes, Crayola crayons (24 count), dry erase markers, a backpack, and/or any financial contribution will also make a difference:


$15 for Backpack:

Every kid needs a backpack and he average K-5th backpack would be $15 for a student.  If you like to donate a backpack for this drive please click on the link below:


$30 for School Supplies:

I was able to do the cost analysis with bargains and identified that from K-5th it averaged out to $30 a student for just school supplies. If you like to donate school supplies for a child click on the link below: 


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