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9th Annual Thanksgiving Dinner Kits

Help Feed Low-Income Families this Thanksgiving

On Thanksgiving while we eat turkey, watch football, and share stories with our friends/families we often forget the importance of Thanksgiving and how lucky we are to even have a plate of food in front of us.  I would like to bring awareness that there are parent(s) in our community struggling day to day to even bring food on their table for their children to eat even on days that are not holidays. 


For the past 9 years we have been making Thanksgiving Dinner Kits so that low-income families do not have to worry about scrambling for money for their children to take part in celebrating this holiday and truly experiencing the true spirit behind GIVING BACK.    









This is a great opportunity to get together with friends and family and purchase items to put together dinner kit(s) which would help feed families this Thanksgiving. 


What you will need to purchase for each kit:

- Turkey (minimum 10 pounds)

- Gravy Packet

- Potatoes (about 3) or Mash Potato Mix in a Box

- Bread Rolls

- Corn in a can

- Mixed vegetables or green beans in a can

- Small dessert

- Drink Mix

- Anything else you would like to add

- Thanksgiving card with words of support is always nice (optional)


Please place your dinner kit(s) in a basket or box once completed to assist in delivering these items.  Turkey must be frozen and items must be turned in before the drop-off date (11/24/2021)  Please contact me if you plan on creating a kit(s) to keep track of count.



After doing a cost analysis, it will cost roughly $25 to build one dinner kit to feed one family. 


If you don't have the time to build a dinner kit on your own and would rather donate funds so we could create on on your behalf we could accommodate. 







I also accept Venmo @DannyFM and Cash App $DannyFMorales

and Facebook Pay.

Thank you to those who contributed!



Many of these families don't own a car and won't have transportation to come pick up these dinner kits.  Staff members at the school will be volunteering to drive to these families houses to deliver these dinner kits to them. But this year we are short and we always need more drivers.


If you are free on Wednesday, November 24th during the afternoon and would like to volunteer to drive dinner kits to families living close by please contact me for more details. 


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