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Street Corner Gifts for the Homeless

Care packages to give from your own car

January is Poverty Awareness Month and is easy to be aware of those who need an extra hand as we see them all the time on the street corners of our neighborhoods holding up signs asking for help.  Many times, they are in the cold overnight shivering hardly being able to speak the words “God bless.”


Sometimes when you drive up to them, one is scrambling for change to give and at times left empty-handed leaving you with a feeling you could have given more.  Now you can with this volunteer opportunity to put together and wrap care packages for the homeless.



Ways you could help:


This is a great opportunity to give back to the community and donate for this cause.


Items to be collected:

- Wrapping Paper

- Hand Warmers

- Socks

- Face Wipes / Tissues

- Gloves

- Granola Bars

- Beanie Hats

- Scarfs

- Women Personnel Hygiene


- Tooth brush and tooth paste

- $5 Gift Cards (McDonalds)

- Other warm items


Please make sure items are not expired. For clothing it is preferably new but if used please make sure they are washed.


HAVE ITEMS BY 1/17/2020 




As simple as putting up a box by the front reception desk of your organization asking for these items will make a difference.  Leadership will embrace this as it will not only show good character but help improve morale by getting employees involved and making a difference in the community. 


It could also be a Family Drive just getting your family together and pushing to make a difference by collecting these items to donate at the next family function.Co

Create your own flyer or download the this pre-made flyer to place on your collection box:

(Attached flyer coming soon)


Please contact me if you need additional help in organizing for at your donation site.


Attend the Event:

The event will take place at:
Martha's Aurora Event Center

11757 E 14th Ave,
Aurora, CO 80010

January 19th, 2020

at 1:00 PM




Please contact me if you plan on attending so I can add you to the RSVP list and have enough food and drinks. 



If you don't have any items to donate. I will also be collecting funds for purchasing Emergency Space Blankets which are only $4.99 and are special for sub-zero temperatures. 


Only $5 Will Keep a Person Warm Tonight and

Possibly Save a Life!


How this drive got started:

Homeless are little warmer, safer tonight thanks to Felipe-Morales

By Catherine Gray Beuten
Integrated University Communications

(Jan. 8, 2010) It was December of 2008 and the elderly man sitting on a bench by the creek off Larimer and Speer Boulevard was freezing. “He couldn’t even speak,” recalls Danny Felipe-Morales. “I bought him a coffee and sandwich from Starbucks and convinced him to let me take him to the Denver Rescue Mission.” (Read More)


12/15/2011 - Mayor Hancock

"2011 Holiday Greeting"

Danny Felipe-Morales and the Annual Blanket Drive was mentioned in the Mayor's Season's Greeting to Denver.​


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